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Here at Booby's Kitchen we believe in the power of food. Great food, ingredients full of flavor, and quality vibes. 

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The Booby Fan Favorite'

Jerk Chicken -
The Ultimate Comfort

Here at Booby's Kitchen, we have MANY specialities, but our favorite is Jerk Chicken! Jerk Chicken is Chef Booby's personal favorite, because of the time and love she puts into her jerk recipe. Many restaurants may be able to cook jerk chicken, but here at Booby's Kitchen our jerk starts with a homemade jerk seasoning blend, a homemade jerk dry rub, and most importantly our own homemade jerk sauce; all made from SCRATCH! Chef Booby cherishes the time it takes to create and prepare her jerk chicken, because it is the vital source of great flavor!


 "I will never cut corners when making my jerk chicken, I refuse to sacrifice flavor for my customers"

 - Chef Booby

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Chef Booby

Meet The Chef

Chef Booby (Lesonta Thomas) is a Brooklyn, NY native and second-generation American born to parents of Caribbean decent. Much of her island upbringing inspired her culinary background and style of cuisine. Chef Booby graduated from Felician University in 2013, NJ, with a Bachelors of Science in Business Administration. She later moved to NC in search of opportunities and change. Booby's career started to take off when she began employment at a multimillion dollar chain restaurant, quickly working her way through the ranks and positions, while operating and training across 10 stores, 4 states, which eventually landed her in the role of managing partner. In 2021, Chef Booby established Booby's Kitchen LLC and her cuisine spread rapidly. Since then Chef Booby's cuisine and catering has been loved by many families, businesses, corporate events, entertainment venues. As she continues to grow she looks forward to operating a full service food truck in the Carolinas! 


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